We long for connection and a sense of belonging, and it is extremely painful when we feel misunderstood or rejected.  Luckily, relationships can change and heal if we make the time and effort.

Couple and family therapy considers the relationship itself the client, and the therapist can help partners and family members increase closeness, understanding, and support through collaborative work.  Throughout our lives, we experience events personally and collectively that can cause disconnection and confusion, and we reach for others to support us.  When the people that we love are not there in the way we need it, it can be terrifying and traumatizing and cause all kinds of reactions. But, learning to slow down and truly hear one another creates space for more understanding and leads to relational closeness and connection in a whole new way.  This attunement helps couples and families navigate changes and grow together, and creating safe, healthy relationships is vital to our overall well-being.

Whether dealing with a disruptive and unruly child, a moody and surly teenager, a distant spouse, or any other type of relational disconnection, couple and family therapy can help build, connect, and strengthen bonds to help us navigate life’s difficulties together.