When you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, it can be confusing about where to start.  At Upside Therapy and Evaluation Center, we can help you navigate the process.  We take a treatment team approach and will collaborate with physicians, dietitians, and other treatment providers to make health and safety the priority.  We also will include partners and family members as needed for psychoeducation and support.  Oftentimes, people feel a sense of shame and embarrassment, but your therapist will provide nonjudgmental and nurturing space to help you increase self-compassion and emotional expression, whatever you are feeling.

Some people try to change their bodies and rigidly regulate their food intake to feel a sense of control following chaotic experiences. Others may have a fear of foods or sensitivity to textures that makes eating something to be avoided.  Disordered eating can also show up as a symptom of other struggles, including medical and emotional difficulties. Whatever the cause, therapy can help you or your loved one create a better relationship with food and your body.