Beyond The Spa: Self-Care For The Soul

Self-Care For The SoulNow that Fall has begun, we have officially entered the season of juggling. Between school, work, after-school, and, in some cases, pre-school responsibilities, families are feeling the burn. That’s why now is the time to have a serious talk about self-care.

You may not know this, but self-care comes in many forms. Advertisements will have you believe that this type of nourishment exists only in five star spas, and weekend retreats. However, caring for the self is more than manis, pedis, and facials. It’s a lifestyle.

Sure, pampering is wonderful, and we are in no way discouraging it, but, here, we want to introduce you to some non-traditional forms of self-care that are just as important.

Setting Boundaries

Boundary setting is an essential tool for anyone working on taking better care of themselves. It involves several steps: acknowledging one’s own feelings; recognizing how one’s boundaries are being violated; taking action to stop the violation; and staying strong in the face of opposition. Not easy stuff! But the alternative is decidedly worse, as anyone who has ever failed to set an important boundary can concur.

Note: If someone in your life continually crosses your boundaries with no respect for your requests, you may be dealing with a toxic person. In that case, we suggest going no contact, or vastly reducing the amount of time you spend with that person. We realize that this can be very difficult, especially if the person is a family member, but we also believe that you deserve to be around people who respect your needs.

Taking Care Of Business

Here we are talking about the aspects of life that can often be overlooked when things get busy. Things like: making and going to doctor’s appointments; haircuts, and other personal hygiene tasks; proper nutrition; rest; and exercise. These are the building blocks of good health, and paradoxically, they tend to be the first to go when the going gets rough. Don’t let this happen!

Tip: Pretend that these appointments/activities are for a loved one instead of yourself. This will change your perspective and help you see how important they really are. You can be your own loved one!

Asking For Help

We don’t know why it’s so hard for certain people to ask for help. Maybe it’s because we have this idea that we “should” be able to do it all, or perhaps we don’t want to burden others. Whatever the reason, not asking for help leaves us frustrated and overwhelmed. Recognize that exposing your vulnerability is a beautiful thing, and that it may even inspire someone else to do the same. Plus, research shows that helping others makes people happy, so, in a sense, you are providing those around you with wonderful opportunities for happiness!  Sometimes help comes in the form of therapy experiences, which we may know a thing or two about.

Changing Lanes

Most of all, don’t be afraid to stop doing what isn’t working. Whether it be quitting a job, a relationship, or, simply a way of thinking, allow yourself to walk away from anything that you feel is holding you back. Remember, Fall is the time of year when the trees show us how to let go, by dropping their dead leaves, and in doing so, they create immense beauty. Give yourself the freedom to do the same; for that is the ultimate act of self-care.

If you would like more information on how to take better care of yourself, contact us. We are here to help!