autismOur practice offers consultation to other providers, families, and schools. We are happy to collaborate and help develop treatment plans and goals, or specific behavior management strategies. Through observation, data collection, and ongoing feedback and interview, our hope is that our consultation services may help answer any treatment questions and enhance the quality of care.

For providers: We are happy to provide consultation appointments to fellow providers who have questions regarding diagnosis, assessment, treatment, or practice development.

For family members: We enjoy serving within a treatment team as a coordinator of care and overseer of treatment goals and strategies. Typically for complex cases there are multiple providers involved, working concurrently on a variety of treatment goals. Our consultation services help serve as a communication hub for busy providers, and as a liaison to families to help ensure that consistency, skills, and generalization occurs within treatment.

For schools: Classroom set up and accommodations, specific behavior management goals and activities, and consultation about teaching and learning styles is also offered. Our staff is happy to provide trainings and in-service for any professionals working with emotionally, behaviorally, or developmentally complex individuals. Additionally, school consultation, collaboration, and advocacy from preschool through college is offered.