Individual and Family Therapy is offered at Upside Therapy for individuals ages 3 through adulthood.  Individual therapy is offered for conditions including high functioning autism, Asperger’s, and developmental differences, social communication differences, ADHD and executive functioning differences, anxiety, depression, anger management, identity concerns (including sexual and gender identity differences). Autism therapy, Asperger’s therapy, and other therapies for developmental differences is offered using an integrated and interactive approach, with collaborative involvement with family, schools, and other providers. Additionally, family and couples therapy is offered for any of the concerns mentioned above.  We take a collaborative approach, and we are happy to work with any other providers or family members, with your written permission.

To schedule individual or family therapy services, please contact us.  The psychologist or therapist will ask to schedule a Diagnostic Interview, which is a slightly longer session, to review symptoms and concerns, as well as collaborate with you on treatment planning and goals.  This is also a time for the therapist to review any previous therapy summaries or evaluations that have been conducted in the past.

Our office does not take insurance, but we do provide insurance receipts if you are eligible for reimbursement.  Please contact us for information on CPT codes and evaluation rates.