Psychological EvaluationsPsychological evaluations are offered on children as young as 18 months, all the way through late adulthood.  Any emotional, developmental, or behavioral concern can be evaluated, with a comprehensive psychological evaluation including best practice measures with the latest research.

At the current time, due to our restriction to video and telehealth sessions only, we are also able to provide psychological consultation and diagnostic impressions.  We may ask to delay formal comprehensive psychological assessment until an in person session can take place, but we are pleased to continue to offer consultation to provide ongoing support and care for treatment planning, diagnostic clarification, and recommendations.

The first step of an evaluation is a Diagnostic Interview.  This is a chance to review concerns and symptoms, as well as review any previous testing or evaluations that have occurred.  At the time of that meeting, the psychologist will discuss with you the plan for the evaluation, specifying exactly which domains would be measured.  She may also ask to schedule observation times, on a case by case basis.

The next step is the evaluation day, which does require a deposit prior to the day of testing.  This is a full day, with a break for lunch. The psychologist will specify before the evaluation day which family members, if any, will need to be present.

Three to four weeks after the evaluation the psychologist will schedule a feedback session where she will discuss the results, as well as share the recommendations and help to plan for future services and treatments that may be necessary.

Our office does not take insurance, but we do provide insurance receipts if you are eligible for reimbursement.  Please contact us for information on CPT codes and evaluation rates.