Our testing and evaluations include, but are not limited to:

Cognitive: Cognitive batteries help to determine ones’ intelligence quotient (IQ), including verbal and nonverbal test measures.

Developmental: Developmental testing helps to determine your child’s cognitive, language, and motor development, and to determine if there are specific areas of need that can be helped with intervention

Educational and Academic Testing: Including psychoeducational evaluations, a determination of current grade level, academic strengths and areas of need, and possible learning disabilities or learning differences.

Adaptive: Adaptive testing includes ones’ daily living behaviors, and ability to function. Adaptive testing helps to determine if there is a gap between expected and observed behaviors.  It also is helpful when determining disability, or what supports are necessary for maximally independent functioning.

Social: Social evaluations include social skills and social behaviors, as well as personality factors that may impact close relationships.

Emotional: Emotional evaluations determine mood and mood stability, anxiety, mania, and other possible emotional disturbance or emotional disorders.

Behavioral: Behavioral evaluations look at the frequency and occurrence of behaviors. Our evaluators have experience performing Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA) to determine the function of the behavior, and what intervention would be most effective.

We also assess autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders across the lifespan, including gold-standard autism evaluation measures. This office utilizes research reliable and empirically valid testing measures.  We are proud to use the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2), considered to be the gold-standard in autism assessment. Our guardianship evaluations can help with transition and futures planning. We also offer first time diagnosis and re-evaluation to assess functioning at any point in the lifespan. Our evaluation services can be used for academic and post-secondary education needs and accommodations, workplace evaluations, transition support, and more.