From Exhausted to Energized: Four Easy Ways To Get Things Done

ProductivityA wise person once said that everyone would benefit from five minutes of meditation a day. Except for those who are too busy. They need ten minutes a day.

The line between busyness and productivity can sometimes seem blurred, but, really, the two couldn’t be more different. Busyness is defined as being engaged in some kind of activity, whereas productivity is defined as the effectiveness of a person’s efforts. In other words, you can be busy without being productive, and you can be productive without being busy. Which would you rather be?

While most people would agree that productivity is a better state to work toward, many find themselves in an endless stream of busy-making pursuits. For some, this is the result of following directions from others (teachers, bosses, etc.), while for others, keeping busy is the only way to keep painful feelings at bay. And then there are those folks who just don’t know how to effectively manage their time. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you turn busy- time into production.

Go Deep

Creative living coach Jamie Ridler asserts that people who are trying to be more productive should be sure that their hearts are in it to win it. She suggests asking yourself the following questions:

  • What can I bring to the project?
  • What can the project bring to me?
  • Who am I?
  • How can I engage in this task as a meaningful expression of myself?
  • How can I bring my creativity, efficiency, sense of humor, to this project?

Ridler believes that by asking ourselves these kinds of questions, we can infuse a deeper meaning into whatever we are working on, thereby increasing our chances of insightful production.

See The Beauty In All Things

Like a monk creating a sand mandala, notice the beauty in every little step that you take. Because, it’s magic. Seriously, though, musical references aside, there is something wonderful about being able to take joy in the smallest task. Bonus points if, like these monks, you practice not attaching to the outcome of your work.

Celebrate A Job Well Done

We all need a little encouragement here and there, and sometimes, the best validation comes from within. We can celebrate when we have finished a task, or, even, when we’ve completed a part of one. Productivity coach, Tanya Geisler suggests that we find what is personally motivating, and reward ourselves with said object, when we’ve made an accomplishment. I’ll take an iced double caramel macchiatto, please, and thank you.

Look Within

Regardless of what anyone says, you are the captain of your ship. Only you know the best way to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you are one of those early birds that likes to catch the worm, or, maybe, you’re a night owl waiting for flight. Maybe you like to work alone in a quiet room, or, perhaps, you need some hustle and bustle noises to get you going. While there is research that suggests that a dim-lighted, blue-decorated, mildly-noisy room is your best bet for coming up with new ideas, you are your own petri dish. Explore! See what works best for you. You just might be surprised. And when you’re through with that, contact us. We’d love to discuss what you found.