People Are People: Busting The Top 5 Myths About Transgender Folks

This week, Disney released their first revision of a movie containing an openly gay character. For some, this decision sparked outrage, while for many in the LGBT community, it was a much needed win. People who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender continue to fight an uphill battle for equality and acceptance. Some lawmakers, have even taken steps to regulate which bathroom a person uses, regardless of what they identify or appear as. This is dangerous for transgender individuals because it means that people who look completely female will be forced to use the men’s bathroom and vice versa.

Here’s what we have to say about that:

We understand that there may be religious or familial beliefs that lead you to believe that transgender individuals are dangerous, but that simply isn’t true. Like any other group that has lived in the shadows for far too long, transgender individuals are often misunderstood. So, in the interest of clearing up some unfortunate ideas, allow us to bust the top five myths surrounding transgender individuals.

Transgender People Are Crazy

People often assume that transgender individuals lead lives full of debauchery or mental illness. The stereotype will have you believe that transgender folks are constantly out partying or partaking in drugs and prostitution. This just isn’t true. Transgender people get groceries and pay bills just like everyone else. The difference is that they were born into a body that doesn’t reflect how they feel on the inside.

Transgender People Are Easy To Spot

While there are instances where it is possible to identify a transgender individual as such, there are many times when it is not possible to tell that an individual is not appearing as the sex that they were assigned at birth. To assume that we can always tell whether a person is transgender based on their appearance is misguided.

Transgender People Are Confused

People often believe that transgender folks “just haven’t figured out who they are yet.” This is also not true. They have figured it out, and they are having to make adjustments to allow their outsides to match their insides.

Transgender People Are Gay

This is a really common one, but sexual preference and gender identification actually have nothing to do with one-another. Sexual preference defines who you are attracted to, whereas gender identification defines what you identify as.  As we’ve heard it put, gender identity determines who you go to bed AS, sexual identity decides who you go to bed WITH.

Transgender People Are Faking It

This may be the most hurtful myth, because it assumes that transgender people are lying about their experience. Knowing how hard it is to find acceptance as a transgender person, who would willingly put themselves through this? And if you are wondering why you never heard of this way of being thirty years ago, it’s not because it didn’t exist, but rather, because the dangers of talking about it were far too prevalent.

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